Philosophia Scientiae, v. 12, cahier 01
Philosophia Scientiae, v. 12, cahier 01
(Anti-) Realisms: The Metaphysical Issue
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  • Collection : Revue Philosophia Scientiae
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  • Format : Revue & périodique
  • Sujet(s) : Philosophie, Sciences humaines - Divers
  • Pages : 226
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  • Paru le 18 août 2008
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EAN: 9782841744596

Roger Pouivet & Manuel Rebuschi

Part I – The Metaphysical issue

E. Jonathan Lowe
Essentialism, Metaphysical Realism, and the Errors of Conceptualism.

Sandrine Darsel
A Realistic and Non Reductionist Strategy with respect to Properties.

Darek Lukasiewic
Metaphysics of Axiological Realism.

Part II – Modal (Anti-)Realism

Frédéric Nef
Which Variety of Realism? Some Asseverations on the Dependence of Abstracta upon Concreta.

Scott Shalkowski
Blackburn 's Rejection of Modals

Part III – Truths

Michael P. Lynch
Three Forms of Pluralism about Truth.

Tommaso Piazza
Truth and Warranted Assertibility.

Daniel Laurier
Mind-Dependence, Irrealism and Superassertibility.

Part IV – Radical Constructivism?

Peter van Inwagen
Was George Orwell a Metaphysical Realist?

Tom Burke
(Anti)Realist Implications of a Pragmatist Dual-Process Active-Externalist Theory of Experience.

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